Welcome to Nature of Being, where Robin Fernandez, PCC, NCC empowers you in building exemplary leaders and dynamic executive, sales, and customer service teams through development of crucial soft skills in Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Observation. This “CEO” Focus inspires achieving goals through shared commitment, effective and connective conversations, confidence, accountability, trust, and emotional agility including transforming stress and enabling change.

With the powerful combination of Robin’s ontological coaching, corporate training, and best-in-class assessment tools, individuals, leaders, and teams will discover and experience self-awareness and new ways of being, thereby developing the ability to take new actions producing powerful and transformational results.

Engage in public, group, and private conversations effectively, efficiently, with purpose, authenticity, and care.

Emotional Intelligence
Ability to manage emotions, positively connect, effectively communicate, empathize, transform stress, defuse conflict, overcome challenges, and enable change.

Cultivate the essential skill of awareness and perception of self, others, and your experience of the world, with intention to learn, gather information, and shift behavior and habits toward new actions.

Leadership Development:
Development and practice of crucial soft skills are keys to creating exemplary leaders and high performing managers. Through Robin’s “CEO” executive coaching and self-awareness training, a capable, competent leader or manager can fully embody leadership presence and become a confident, authentic, and motivating communicator, inspiring others to engage and implement a shared vision. More…

Stage Presence:
Hone your Public Speaking / Presentation Skills: Captivate your audience, your clients, your prospects, and your staff by developing your authentic stage presence. Become a dynamic, confident, engaged, and charismatic speaker, whether you are preparing for a keynote address, a business or sales presentation, a job interview, or to enable new opportunities in your life. Robin combines her coaching skills with her proficiency as a professional performer – singer, actress, and dancer – to bring your performance to stellar levels. More…

Team Building:
Initiate team transformation with executive team training, sales training, and customer service training through experiential, interactive workshops and coaching conversations to apply the new learning and achieve desired goals and outcomes. Utilize cutting edge, statistically valid, and EEOC compliant DISC/Assessment Tools to prompt effective communication, improve interactions, and to precisely match the right people with the right jobs. More…

Envision your executive team connecting in shared care, vision, language, purpose, and productivity to maximize their potential in leading the organization to desired results.

Imagine your sales team expanding their capacity to shift communication styles to suit their customers and prospects, allowing them to “speak” and “listen” in ways more readily received and trusted, and increasing the bottom line of sales.

Picture your customer service team better handling conflict, reducing the negative impact of stressful interactions, and generating enhanced conversations with clients.