Stage Presence is “the ability to command an audience with impressive style or manner. The quality of self-assurance and effectiveness that permits a performer to achieve a rapport with the audience.”

Develop the presence, message, and voice/body to convey your presentation with your natural best self, clarity, purpose of vision, and the desired emotional infusion to attract your listeners and engage them in your call to action. Public speaking is more than just saying words; it is about the very essence of your presence from the moment you are seen, heard, or even energetically perceived.

Are you a leader who wants to walk into a room radiating self-confidence and magnetism? Are you a speaker who would like to exude charisma and completely captivate your audience? Do you want to be at the top of your game in a competitive job market?

We make a lasting first impression within three seconds of a new encounter. What first impression are you making? What lasting impression do you want to make? Learn techniques in fully using and supporting your voice, breath control, projection, articulateness, expression of feelings and emotions, body, posture, harnessing energy, utilizing nervousness, and purposeful attitude, into one congruent nature of being.

Public Speaking / Presentation Skills
With Robin’s program, “Presentation Skills from the Inside Out,”* you will deliver powerful presentations with clarity, confidence, and conviction, enabling you to articulate your desired message in a way that gets you recognized as an excellent communicator. Develop awareness of moods and emotions and how they affect your presentation and expression. Eloquently engage your audience and convey your message with authentic connection. Learn techniques used by actors to radiate a compelling message and infuse your audience with your desired effect – inspiration, motivation, education, action, compassion, humor, transformation.

Confidence and Charisma for Prospective Employees / Career Coaching
Are you unemployed? Grappling with an ever-changing work environment? Have you considered honing your communication skills to present yourself in the best possible way? In an era where personal connectivity has been lost and is greatly sought after, developing your “stage” presence to achieve that edge in a highly competitive job market may mean the difference in obtaining or retaining a job, advancing in your career, and achieving the goals that you have dreamed about.Discover and listen to your natural talents and passion in influencing your career path on purpose.

Leadership and Connectivity for Youths
In the age of texting, emailing, twittering, and Instagrams, young people in particular are missing the crucial skills of eye-to-eye, face-to-face, contact and communication that adult employers desire and require. Develop the skill to present yourself with confidence, full use of your voice/physical presence, and the ability to make the connection that will instill confidence in your prospective employers that you have complete communication abilities, motivation and competence to achieve goals, and leadership potential.

* Please contact Robin for more information on topics in her program:
“Presentation Skills from the Inside Out.”