Instigating awareness in BEING different to DO different.


Robin offers executive coaching, communications coaching, and career coaching. Professional coaching engages people in a form of learning that generates ongoing personal and professional transformation. Conversation, observation, and questions are used to facilitate extraordinary results in personal and/or business lives, achieving greater clarity, fresh perspectives, new ways of being, and new capacity for action. The coaching relationship is founded upon mutual trust and respect. The coach honors the client as being creative, resourceful, and capable.

Ontological Coaching and Coaching Models:
Ontology may be defined as “the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of being.” Robin is trained and certified as an ontological coach, and as such, training/coaching will include the models of developing new Observation in Language, Moods/Emotions, and the Body. Self-observation allows for the emergence of new ways of being, thereby developing the ability to take different Actions producing powerful and transformational Results. For more information about ontological coaching, please ask Robin or visit the Executive Coach Training section for Newfield Network.

Professional Standards/Code of Ethics:
Robin is a professional certified coach and credentialed member of the International Coach Federation and adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics. Robin is trained and certified through Newfield Network’s ontological coach training program, an accredited program by the ICF, that is considered the “Harvard” of coach training programs. Newfield Network is consistently ranked in the top three coach training organizations worldwide.

Robin recognizes that the client may discuss future goals, business plans, financial matters, and personal or other private/proprietary information.  The coach agrees to hold these matters confidential to the fullest extent allowed by the law, and will not voluntarily use information for the coach’s own benefit or communicate this information to a third party.

Robin facilitates interactive training/workshops from two hours to multi-day leadership retreats that include: introduction of topic(s); new distinctions via presentation/ PowerPoint; facilitated conversation for the participants to apply the learning to their specifics situation(s) and desired goals; experiential exercises that may involve written/goal-oriented exercises, physical movement, and music.

Robin utilizes the power of TTI Success Insights’ statistically validated, cutting-edge assessment tools to generate self-awareness and insights into communication styles, behaviors, motivators-driving forces, personal skills, sales skills, developing emotional intelligence, and job benchmarking-job matching, including:

DISC (leaders, management-staff, sales)
Motivators-Driving Forces
Workplace Culture/ Workplace Stress
Sales Skills Index
Talent Management PlusTM
Job Benchmarking/Prospect Matching
360/Personal Performance Surveys
Organizational Development/Employee Engagement Surveys
Emotional Intelligence
Customized Assessments

Within the context of coaching and training, Robin may offer recommendations, propose direction, provide insights, solutions, and instruction to clients in relation to their desired goals, practices, and actions. Robin will differentiate this communication from coaching to ensure that the client’s “voice” is distinguished from outside suggested influence.

Robin’s style of keynote speaking and presentations is informational, motivational, engaging, interactive, and combine humor with related interconnected storytelling to provoke new awareness, emotional intelligence, and new actions.

Topics include:
Leadership Qualities
Executive Presence
Key Components of Memorable Presentations
Human Behavior in the Workplace
Transforming Stress - Steering Survival Instinct
Managing and Enabling Change
Neurobiology and Awareness
Keys to Success for Graduating Students
Networking and “Selling” You
Powerful Body Dispositions

Speaking Engagements Include:
Florida Association for Women Lawyers
American Business Women’s Association
State of Florida Courts
State of Florida Health
United Technologies Corporation
State College of Florida
ITT Technical Institute
American Association of University Women
Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance
CareerSource Suncoast
Women’s Resource Center
The Lake Club/Country Club East
Oklahoma City Wellness Expo

Positive Thinking
Stress Management
Meditation Techniques
Experiencing More Joy and Abundance
Basics of Healthy Eating
Decoding Food Labels
Attaining Better Sleep
Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
Designing a Life You Love