Robin Fernandez, PCC, NCC is a professional certified coach through the International Coach Federation and a Newfield certified coach, a speaker, corporate trainer, facilitator, writer, and professional singer, actress, and dancer. Robin integrates her different worlds for a unique and powerful combination that provokes and inspires leadership development, stage presence, team building, and public speaking/presentation skills. Her “CEO” Focus:  Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and the crucial skill of Observation catapult her clients to new levels of professionalism and results. Robin is a graduate of the intensive ontological coach training program, Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery, at Newfield Network in Boulder, CO and is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation. Robin has a B.A. in Performing Arts-Theatre from American University in Washington, D.C., is a member of Actor's Equity Association under her stage name Robbi Marchion, and has performed in professional musical theatre in New York City, European tours, and regional theatres across the country.

Robin's business experience has been as an auditor for the NY State Department of Social Services, an independent contractor for BusinessWeek magazine, and Integrated Marketing Technology as an account executive, project manager, and corporate trainer with clients including Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, and BusinessWeek. Robin writes for her Coaching Insights and Inspirations blog and previously wrote articles for Thrive magazine in Oklahoma City. She has created and performed four cabaret shows and is a 15-time singer of the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays, Veteran's Commemorations, and Civic events.


Coaching / Training:
When I first embarked on an individual leadership development program, I didn't know what to expect, but Robin immediately made me feel comfortable and created an environment conducive to learning and growth. She has a unique and extensive background that allows for a broad range of understanding and relevant, professional information. The insight she has provided me on an individual basis is invaluable. One of the most helpful new skills I have learned through Robin's coaching is that of observation, which has often enabled me to evaluate situations in a more effective manner. I have easily sailed through many challenging meetings with this new outlook. She has also helped our staff gain perspective in terms of group dynamics and goals during a difficult transition we were experiencing. Robin has made a significant and palpable difference with our employees' personal approach toward each other in a relatively short period of time. This improved group interaction will certainly create a more mutually beneficial work environment as well as increasing productivity which goes straight to our bottom line. Robin is certainly the person to go to when you need assistance growing your management team or would like to develop individual leadership skills. I only wish I had met Robin years ago! President, Manufacturing Company, U.S./International

Thanks for doing a wonderful job with our team’s DISC. You presented in a warm and knowledgeable manner and were able to engage the entire team. I especially appreciate your working with our tight time line. President/CEO, Non-Profit Foundation

What a great session!  I learned so much about myself and my colleagues. Senior VP of Marketing and Communications, Non-Profit Organization

Thank you again for the excellent training session. VP of Finance, Non-Profit Organization

Robin has provided training to our Managing Committee as it relates to team building and personal growth. It is my responsibility to make certain that our team is functioning as one unit and understand what each other's goals are. By working with Robin, our team was better able to understand how to work in tandem and help each other reach personal and professional goals. General Manager, Hyatt Regency

Sales Training:
Everyone really enjoyed you and your very educational program (fun & interesting). I do wish you had more time! President-CEO, U.S./International Corporation

I enjoyed your presentation yesterday. It was very interesting and informative. I know from talking to other employees that they feel the same. In my opinion it was one of the best presentations/training seminars that we have had at these annual meetings. Thanks again. Plant Manager, U.S./International Corporation

Your addition truly helped make for positive results during our national sales meeting last week and, by the feedback I received from the team; they all believe the same! V.P. Sales, U.S./International Corporation

“You should hire Robin for two days. She was great; my guys loved her.” President, Manufacturing Company, to the Sales Manager, OEM Company

Public Speaking / Presentation Clients:
Under Robin’s tutelage, I quickly went from being extremely uncomfortable speaking in front of larger groups, to being the company’s spokesperson and motivating speaker at employee meetings. It was an incredible experience for me to become a different person – or maybe the person I had always been inside. I learned to communicate in a more confident manner and to express my thoughts with conviction. I was promoted to CEO and I know Robin was instrumental in helping me achieve such. CEO, Pharmaceutical Corporation, U.S./International.

Robin helped me become aware of all the different facets that affect public speaking: myself, the surroundings, my presence, vocal inflections and intonations, posture, use of hand gestures, breathing, pace of speaking, and harnessing public-speaking-anxiety, just to name a few. Robin not only gave me an understanding of these things, but provided excellent speech exercises that expanded my versatility and ability in public speaking. I am very grateful to have worked with her. Pastor, Bradenton, FL

Working with Robin has been a life changing process! I found my voice, confidence and assertiveness! I would recommend Robin’s work to anyone who is ready to move forward and achieve their life’s highest potential. M.J., Project Manager, Accounting Firm, Sarasota

Keynote Speaking:
"Define what success means to you. What does it look like to you? Not as defined by your family, your friends, your school or even what you think you see in the world around you. What kind of success, what kind of outcome do you want in your life?" –Robin Fernandez, leadership coach with Nature of Being
Robin Fernandez's passionate speech about success and opportunity captivated the audience last month at CareerSource's Journey to Success graduation. She counseled the graduates to "tune in to what you really care about" and to make choices today that they will be proud of one year from now, five years from now, 50 years from now. Ted Ehrlichman, President/CEO CareerSource Suncoast, “Making life’s outcomes positive,” Bradenton Herald

Robin is one of the most inspiring speakers I have listened to! Her positive attitude and outlook on life truly encouraged and motivated me. She is an outstanding resource for anyone in the business community. She is a skilled listener and truly wants to help others achieve their full potential! Amanda Z., Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance

What an inspiring presentation.  It meant so much to me. S. Price

Robin, you were extraordinary in your presentation to my film students. I have never seen them so engaged, and lively; you have the "Midas" touch and your energy is infectious to us all. Bravo. Don Guy, Film Professor, State College of Florida

Personal and Career Coaching:
With most of my adult life being centered around the military, I had very little need for interview experience until very recently. After a few short months with Robin, I walked out of an interview that I knew I nailed and to my pleasant surprise was offered the position. Robin is an invaluable asset for a variety of needs. Her pleasant, bubbly demeanor is infectious and her swift adeptness on honing in on her clients is unparalleled. So glad to have had the opportunity to work with her. K.H.

Robin Fernandez, Nature of Being, provided key professional services at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) Career Management Center contributing to the program's overwhelming success in assisting more than 900 participants to advance their careers. Murray A. Mann and Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias, Coordinators, Orlando

Robin Fernandez was a fantastic coach! She should definitely be brought back to do as much professional coaching as possible. Thank you Robin! NSHMBA Coachee

Robin Fernandez was phenomenal in extracting provoking thought about possibilities based on personal experiences. She is an awesome coach! D.A. Salcedo, NSHMBA Coachee

Robin helped me uncover my potentials and guided me in the direction of self-development physical and emotional, social and financial. I strongly recommend Robin as your personal development coach. If you feel “stuck” and things are just not going the way you want, Robin will be able to guide you through it! Thank you Robin!!! A Very Happy Customer, I.D., Registered Nurse

Working with Robin has allowed me to develop a higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence, a more balanced life and smarter goal-setting. I would strongly recommend working with Robin to anyone committed to personal development and self-improvement. She can provide you with the tools to create long-lasting positive changes. Robin helped me to fly, and I've been soaring ever since! S.G., Vice President/Corporate Bank Trainer

Working with Robin has been a tremendous experience for me as I embark on this journey to transform my career. She asks me about my visions, dreams, and what I hope to accomplish, and she is helping me to improve my skills in those areas, which includes communication. She has brought out the best in me, allowing me to express myself freely.  E.R., Feld Entertainment

Robin is a true source of inspiration and one of the most joyous and delightful people you would ever meet. Robin has an innate passion for living a life rooted in genuine self-expression which is reflected in her passion for coaching and helping others find (or, I should say, reconnect with) their inner passions and joy. Always rising above the confusions, muck, and fray, Robin is gifted with the ability to guide one to seeing the way through chaos and inner blocks, and to do so with new found gifts, empowerment, and fun. Truly, a wonderful and remarkable woman. D.D., Engineer, General Electric

Through my coaching sessions with Robin, I have learned to develop more confidence and follow my inner voice, allowing myself to have less fear and make more confident life choices. The coaching sessions have also led me to set goals and learn ways of achieving those goals, through music motivation! K.M., Mrs. Pennsylvania International

I dub Robin the "Joyologist." R.M., Lakewood Ranch, FL

Robin brought light, sanity, hope, peace, and clarity to my life. She made me hold up a mirror to myself and not look away until I was blatantly and sometimes painfully honest with myself. I wouldn't be who I am today without her help. Robin is truly gifted beyond description and if this makes sense, she seems to venture beyond current reality to find authentic reality.
A.G, Lincoln Park, MI