Emotional Intelligence

Develops and transforms individuals and teams in cultivating effective communication, building emotional agility and resilience, and discovering/practicing the powerful art of self-observation, awareness of others and your unique experience of the world. These commanding triple-threat skills create a platform of total communication excellence and trust, shared care, purposeful actions, and profound new results.

Tools: Training/Workshops, Coaching, DISC/Assessments, Consulting, Keynote Speaking

Engage in public, group, and private conversations effectively, efficiently, with purpose and care.
Public Speaking/Presentation Skills – Stage Presence
C-Suite executives, managers, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, sales people, inspirational performers, teachers/instructors, etc.

Organization’ Internal and External Conversations
Leader/Visionary – to “world,” Board, organization
Manager/Director – to leaders, team
Team – to Team/Collaborative
Sales Team – to clients, prospects, vendors
Customer Service Team – external and internal clients, prospective customers, vendors

Emotional Intelligence:
Ability to manage emotions, positively connect, effectively communicate, empathize, defuse conflict, and overcome challenges.
Understanding and Shifting Moods/Emotions
Stress Management and Transformation
Options for Conflict
Change - Managing and Enabling

Cultivate the essential skill of awareness and perception of self, others, and your experience of the world, with intention to learn, gather information, and shift behavior and habits toward new actions.
Ontological Coaching Models
Awareness Practices
A Powerful and Essential Skill for Exemplary Leadership and Performance.